Age 2

Full-Time (Monday - Friday) - $260/wk*

Part-Time (3 Full Days) - $220/wk*

Age 3-5

Full-Time (Monday - Friday) - $250/wk*

Part-Time (3 Full Days) - $215/wk*


Full time ( Monday- Friday) - $255/wk*

*Add Registration Fee: $100.00



A child's tuition is due Monday morning for that week. If tuition is not paid by Wednesday your child will not be admitted Thursday morning.

A $25 per week late charge is due on all outstanding tuition. This charge incurs on Thursday of the week.

Tuition will be increased on a yearly basis to reflect increases in wages and operating expenses.

A registration fee is charged upon enrollment and every September thereafter.

Vacation and Illness

Half tuition can be paid for up to four weeks per year if your child is out for a full week due to illness or vacation. If the child is in attendance one day of the week, full tuition is due. Full tuition is due for part time and DHS students regardless of the amount of absences.
Returned Checks

A $25.00 fee is charged on all returned checks. If this occurs more than once you will be required to pay by money order or cash.

No refunds will be given under any circumstances unless prior permission from the Executive Director has been obtained. In case of overpayment credit for future tuition may be offered.

Late Pick Up Fee

A late fee will be charged for children picked up after 6:00 p.m. as follows:
1st fifteen minutes - $10.00
All subsequent fifteen minutes - $15.00

Yearly Registration

A yearly registration fee is required. If your child started school after May 1st of the same year the registration fee is waived for the current year.

If your child terminates enrollment and then returns, a new registration fee is required.


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Phone: 773.725.1246
Fax: 773.725.6825


Hours of Operation

Monday through Friday
6:00 a.m to 6:00 p.m

During Covid-19 6:30 a.m to 5:30 p.m

By Appointment Only

Child care assistance available for qualified families!

We accept enrollment applications on a year round basis!